Looks like a square of dark chocolate is in order…

…because Ecuador seems well on the way to getting its own Chavecito!

Ecuador’s presidential candidate Rafael Correa has claimed victory in Sunday’s run-off election.

Three exit polls and an unofficial quick count indicated Mr Correa had gained around 57% of the vote while Alvaro Noboa polled about 43%.

But of course, true to right-wing fashion, the loser is claiming that exit polls mean nothing.

Mr Noboa has said he won the election and if necessary will ask for a recount after official results are announced.

But if this goes as I suspect it will, it will be good in more ways than one.

He said he will try to rejoin the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) which Ecuador left in 1992.

He also named leftist economists Ricardo Patino and Alberto Acosta as his economy and energy ministers, Reuters news agency said.


An economic aide to Mr Correa said he would not pay some of Ecuador’s “illegitimate” foreign debt and would not sign a free trade agreement with the United States, Reuters said.

While campaigning, Mr Correa said he wanted to renegotiate contracts with foreign oil companies.

Like I said, shades of Chavecito. Who, as luck would have it, wrapped up his own re-election campaign on a high note this week.

Now: Lindt “Ecuador”, here I come! (Just reading about chocolate makes me hungry…)

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