Rummy–out, out, OUT!!!

It wasn’t quite enough that the editorials of all the major US military newspapers were calling for him to resign or be fired.

Rummy gets a hotfoot

Nor did the defections of several noteworthy neo-cons (even as long as two years ago!) make any appreciable impact. Now, is that any way to treat those who put him in the Pentagon?

You know your ship is sinking when...

And heaven forfend that international public opinion (including that of Rummy’s German relatives) should make any difference.

Rummy, the German evildoer Rummy the Evildoer

No, since Dubya was The Decider, and The Decider had decided that Rummy was doin’ a heckuva job, Rummy wasn’t going anywhere…

Rummy, Devil in a Blue Dress

…until a little, tiny straw came along and broke his back.

Rummy's nemesis

It’s called PUBLIC OPINION, and it is the backbone of DEMOCRACY.


And it has sent Rummy packing, so as not to be impeached or convicted of war crimes by a newly non-compliant Congress.

Rummy's impeachable offence?

And that has left The Decider looking rather, well…INDECISIVE.

Because maybe, just maybe, he could now be next. If Nancy Pelosi cuts the crap and finds her spine, that is.

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