…Haggy the Hypocrite DID have sex with that man, Mr. Jones!

Disgraced US evangelist Ted Haggard, a vocal opponent of gay marriage and poster boy for conservative causes, admitted on Sunday that he was guilty of “sexual immorality.”

Haggard, under fire since last week when a male escort said he had a sexual affair with the preacher, said in a letter read at his New Life Church that he was ashamed.

“I am guilty of sexual immorality … I am a deceiver and a liar. There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I’ve been warring against it all of my adult life,” Haggard said in the letter, which was reads by a church overseer during a Sunday morning service.

“… from time to time, the dirt that I thought was gone would resurface, and I would find myself thinking thoughts and experiencing desires that were contrary to everything I believe and teach,” he said.

Haggard resigned as president of the influential National Association of Evangelicals Thursday after the male escort made his accusation.

Haggard also agreed to step down as senior pastor of the New Life Church, a 14,000 member “mega-church” that he founded in 1985 and where he is known as “Pastor Ted.”

Haggard, 50, had initially denied the allegations but began backpedaling on Friday when he admitted to seeking the man at a Denver Hotel for a “massage” and contacting him to buy the drug methamphetamine. He said he had thrown the drug away.

Jesus doesn’t like it when you lie, Ted!

And speaking of the Jewish hippie carpenter, I wonder what skeletons he’s gonna make fall out of James Dobson’s closet? I’m sure there must be several.

But the sweetest bit is this, which comes near the end:

The scandal has shaken New Life Church and the evangelical community in Colorado Springs.

“I will never set foot in another church again. How will I tell gay people or those who have sinned about Jesus if this is the way the church treats them,” said a sobbing Cindy Whitehead, a 55-year-old grandmother, after she stormed out of New Life as the letter was being read during the second morning service.

Please, Jesus, let this be the beginning of the end for fundamentalism and conservative politics in general, forever and ever. Amen.

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One Response to I am SO SHOCKED…

  1. New Life or Crucified?
    I am a Member of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. as well as the wife of a Staff Member there. My heart is broken by the ousting of My Pastor-Who is My Pastor, and will always be My Pastor. What are they going to do?-Find a sinless creature to take his place? Sorry, the only one that ever walked this planet was Jesus-that was without sin! A person chooses to attend a church because of the Anointing of The Man of God, and the desire to learn more and become all that God will reveal to them via The Man of God. I do not believe people go to a church-that is based on boring! Ted Haggard Is and Was the Man Appointed by God For Times Such as This I don’t think God can raise up a sinless one unless He brings Jesus back to do it all alone. Point: if you were accused of a sin, judged worldwide via the media, and convicted on the third day (although lie detector tests failed) plus hounded by media, friends, relatives, had to answer to the broken hearts of a spouse and children, do you think you would have slept or felt rested or gotten it all together in the midst of it all? Plus if you too were an advocate to nations and presidents and heads of state as representative of something as special as The Body of Christ-do you actually think that the government didn’t send his henchmen down to Colorado Springs to shut this up-before an election, and possibly break the legs or make someone disappear if they didn’t say what they were told to say? (yes the black suited men CIA/FBI with mikes in their ears were all over the place as they threatened anyone that even bowed to knell, or cried, or broke the silence, on that infamous Sunday that they Cast-Out Pastor Ted) Give me a break! No one could have held up perfectly under the harassment and ridicule and press and gossips that attacked not only our entire church, but our beloved pastor, his wife and his kids. Yes, he was accused and destroyed all within three days. Reminds me of another great man of God named Jesus that this happened to.
    I am very hurt! Not by what the media and a homosexual male accused, but by those that came into our church from the outside and those that gossiped and had no knowledge of who Ted Haggard really is. I am crushed that they ousted this Man of God, as if they are going to find a Sinless man on this planet! My dad was a Baptist preacher, and he raped my sister for years, beat us viciously, and slashed my mom with razor blades-yet he was a great preacher. If God can use a jackass, He can use anyone that is simply willing. How dare they cast out my preacher, and the one that ultimately made the final decision to do so-is the very preacher (Larry Stockstill) that told my husband to take me and my unborn child to the edge of the city and stone us to death. Who is he? (a jealous so called preacher that can’t rise any higher but to cast out my pastor? A pathetic so-called pastor that judges people by his own standards? A pathetic man that is also a kkk member! Yes-I know this man-Larry Stockstill!) When I inherit my millions (and I will very soon), I will create a church for all those that have been cast out and despised by those that possess the same evil spirit that ousted this Godly Man and sooooo many like him! How dare anyone tell me or our church body-that is from the outside, that we have to get rid of our loved, and yes trusted Pastor! I don’t care what he alleged did, that is between him and God! Find me one sinless man! In our day and age, where are the Men of God that are equal to the David’s and the Moses’ and the Abrahams of old? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ted Haggard is God’s Anointed for this day and age. Even in his supposed admittance, Ted Haggard laid himself down for the slaughter, by those that are non-christian or wanna-be’s in wolfs clothing. All those scoffers can laugh now, but God says in His Word-Not to Touch His Anointed! He also warns that once He begins His work in the Body of Christ, WHOA! to those that scoff, mock, and scorn-because their punishment will be far greater!
    Until Ted Haggard and Gayle re-surface, I will no longer unite with any church nor trust any pastor-after all they are still sinners. What message did they send out to the world-be careful, for if we find out your sins, we will throw you out!?!? Did the media and the scoffers not have an agenda in all their stone throwing? Hence… an election or the fact that gays are militantly taking over the minds of the world-sending a message that we will destroy you, and use their sinful acts to cram down the throat of anyone that stands firm in the Word of God? Scoff all you want! You’re lies and agendas are going to be the very thing that will crawl up and bite them in the butt! Oh and get this info, I was gay for over thirty years, how come God totally changed me and opened up my eyes and made me more woman than most? I am proud of my outcome! I know first hand-the truth about the not so gay world! I know their agendas, and their lies and the way they overpower anyone, and call it equal rights. Hah, they are WOLVES… waiting to devour your young! Tell me where I fit into their march-I certainly prove that you are not born gay. Hay the correct word is queer. Oh, even if gay was ok-get this-sex out of marriage is sin-called fornication!
    A christian friend of mine slit her throat after Stockstill advised her husband to stone her. She remains mute to this day. They allowed my x-preacher named Larry Stockstill from Baton Rouge, La. to turn Pastor Ted and Gayle and thousands of others into the walking wounded! Stockstill recommended that my husband and several others take their wives and their unborn babies to the edge of the city and stone them to death fifteen years ago! Pastor Ted was accused, judged, and killed spiritually all in three days-go figure, even Manson, Saddam, and evil killers get a fair trial and it’s not done behind the public’s back. The hard earned members that have spent blood sweat and tears never had a say as to whether we wanted to keep “our” Pastor and restore him or not. I will never set foot in a church as long as I live again, nor will my son or husband. Lord help us all, who on earth is without sin? Be careful that New Life doesn’t stomp you down and take your life away after they got your money! This is all about money, it was never about homosexually or Pastor Ted’s sin, I guess these hard core legalistics will now judge even God for getting Mary pregnant before marriage. This message will tell of the sins of the one that came to New Life and destroyed a real Pastor and his family! This man was involved in the KKK with my dad, and has the right to stand as judge? Please read all of this, or you will not understand what is going on. Stockstill wants Pastor Ted Haggard removed because he is jealous of anyone that is greater than himself! Be careful not to attend New life church nor Bethany in Baton Rouge if you are even considering telling them you have sin in your lives! 
    What did Jesus do with the prostitute caught in the very act of adultery? He forgave her immediately! He didn’t hang around her every move to see if she was going to change! He didn’t kick her out of a family! The Bible tells us to Restore the sinner and yes the Bible tells us to RESTORE the Pastor that has sinned as well! Who gives you the right to decide whether or not I can have my Pastor as my Pastor? What gives people that do not even attend my church nor pay tithes there to come in from the outside, and not allow the Body that has built this church and been fed by this Pastor to decide who “WE” want as “OUR” Pastor? You are now kicking my Brother out of My Family! What makes You any different from those pagans that did the same to me and robbed me of that precious luxury called FAMILY? How dare you!
    That same man that you hold so highly that same one that is not a member of this body of Christ nor this family of God has come up from Baton Rouge, La and stuck his holier than thou knife into my heart once again! That same man that gave you the guidance to destroy my Pastor and My Brother and My Sister and their innocent family told my husband fifteen years ago as he kicked us out of his church to take me and my unborn child to the edge of the city and stone us-as far as he was concerned! How Dare You! God didn’t call us to be namby-pamby Christians! He called us to Stand UP for Righoutness! He called you to Restore the Brethren! How dare you represent Me! I am a member of New Life Church and part of this Body! How dare You! That same man stoned me spiritually fifteen years ago! When will it stop? When will the true BODY OF CHRIST STAND UP and REPENT and LOVE ONE ANOTHER? How dare you!
    When President Clinton committed acts of immorality in the White house many of you rallied around him and restored him to his office. Or was that all pagans that did that? Do you mean to tell me that pagans can restore their own but Christians will throw their own to the lions to be devoured? What message have you sent out about Christians to all the world? I would never want to set foot in another church as long as I lived! We all know that the decision to excommunicate our Pastor was based on money! Your fear as to whether or not the rich would leave your building and leave many of you with the bills! How dare you! You threw out the baby with the bath!
    If I could rewind my life, I would have sacrificed myself and remained silent! To lose my family was a price that cost too much to bear! I would suffer all over again for what Christ Jesus is all about and that is Family! and Love! You have allowed the sin of one evil man with one intention … and that is to destroy a man, and a Pastor, and a father, and a brother, and a friend-simply because the man is a Christian! You have allowed a reprobate to KILL! What have you all done now, but create thousands of walking wounded!? “Your sin” now reaches far beyond the sin of Pastor Ted’s. If I stand alone, I will Stand and hold my Pastor’s arms up! I will scrub his toilets, I will dye for him and for Pastor Gayle! How Dare You! You are no different than the heathen!
    I am living PROOF that God did not make a mistake and that You are Not BORN GAY! There is nothing about a gay lifestyle that is Gay! It is a road that is leading thousands to a one way ticket to Hell! There is redemption through the blood of the cross via Jesus Christ, and none other! How dare you represent the Body of Christ or Jesus Christ as you sit in judgment to anyone! You are called for one purpose and that purpose is to RESTORE in FORGIVENESS! Whoa to those pious hypocrites that made this decision! Whoa to the press that contributed to the 2006 CRUCIFIXION of JESUS CHRIST all over again through one of the greatest men that has ever lived! King David would have been killed by each of you, and Jesus would have never come into this world if we would have allowed the Larry Stockstill’s of this earth to decide! King David committed murder and adultery!
    You failed to tell the world that it was Pastor Ted that offered up his life as a lamb and told you that you had to fire him! Pastor Ted whom you accused of being a drug addict and a pervert! You cowards! It is Pastor Ted that is the only one that has laid his life down here! For the sake of your legalistic BS-you killed thousands! Whoa to you when God turns towards YOU to JUDGE YOU!
    The above letter was written to those that fired Pastor Ted Haggard! My prayers go out to them, and my prayers go out to the homosexual community as I declare that all Christians are not represented by New Life Church! Larry Stockstill is a murderer! He calls for complete destruction of anyone that has sinned! New Life allowed him to do it again!
    I am a member of New Life Church. My husband, fifteen year old son, and I were displaced and uprooted as we recently suffered through hurricanes Ivan, Cindy, and Dennis. As hurricane Katrina raced towards the Gulf, we had no choice but to cut our losses and run! It appeared to us as if God had clearly led us to settle in Colorado Springs. We had already packed most of our belongings after hurricane Dennis. No, the government did not give us one penny for any damages nor for any move. We were forced to give our two cars away to charity and abandon our home and land in Mississippi, and forced to sell our business, and land that had been in the family for well over thirty years. It was hard to believe that we gave it all away for six thousand dollars! It took every penny to get the truck to move what furniture and belongings we salvaged, pay for gas, food, and motels … plus it paid for a few months rent and down payment for a place to live when we arrived in the Springs.
    My husband had always been either an Executive, or Manager, plus he was the Mayor of his hometown. His daddy had been Mayor for over twenty years there as well. We left a six figure income to “Do the Right Thing” and move to Mississippi to take care of his dying father. I gave up my business as a successful webmaster as well to go with him, after all, the Bible tells us to take care of our parents in the elderly age, and my husband is an only child.
    We arrived in the Springs where there are no corporate jobs. Whenever my husband applied anywhere that claimed to be hiring, they would tell him that he was way too over qualified to hire or that they didn’t think he would stay-after being a Mayor. We were fish out of water and had already run out of money. I told him that I should make him a new resume that basically said that he had no college, no experience, and was a blooming idiot-just so he could find work. Yes, the day came-we had to apply for foodstamps! We still have to send our son off to school without being able to pay for his lunch. I ache knowing my husband sells his blood two times a week just to barely make it. One day my husband came running into the room, and joyfully shared that he had seen some preacher on TV that had a church in the Springs-that was similar to Calvary Temple in Dallas-our old church. We were starving to find a church that was as on fire with the love of God that Calvary Temple had. All the churches that we had tried in between Dallas to Colorado had been as dead as if we were going to a funeral. We had decided to have church in our own living room, and if the three of us were all that came , so be-it. I could never understand why so many churches attracted people that seemed to be asleep and appeared to have no happiness about the fact that they had found a Savior for their sins! Many a person had shared with me that they went to church out of appearance sake, or because someone made them go, or because it was a tradition, or because it was a good place to gather-because they could meet customers for their business, and so one and so on. I was shocked that not too many people that professed to be Real Christians even had a clue of what that really meant. A lot of them thought I was crazy whenever I’d share that I actually had a personal relationship with a real forgiving and living Savior.
    The moment Pastor Ted began to speak, we knew we had found a place in which to plant our lives, hearts, offerings, and tithes. Immediately we met Pastor Brindle and we were amazed that he actually seemed interested to meet us. He didn’t look at his watch or for another long-time-member (click member) to pull himself away from talking to us, as so many preachers do. Pastor Brindle told us that New Life was hiring and had a big book of employment available out in the foyer-just waiting to hire people. Shortly before attending New Life, my husband announced that God was calling him into the ministry. I thought I had missed God, because he had always told me that I would marry a preacher! My husband teased that God gave Abraham and Sarah a baby in their old age after I reminded him that he was pushing fifty-eight. Meanwhile David (my husband) has finished real estate school just to have something to lean on. One day, out of the blue, David came home as excited as if he had just been elected Mayor again! He announced that he was hired at New Life church as the night time janitor for $9.50 an hour-without any benefits. I thought he had lost his mind! He was already working making $11.00 an hour-close to home and was suppose to be looking for a better job in the area. New Life is over sixteen miles away-one way! I fought him for months, but came to the realization that I had to stand behind my husband and build him up no matter what he felt God was calling him to do! After all, that is what they were teaching women at New Life. Our fights are always one sided-me fighting all by myself! I have never seen my husband mad! Whenever I’d complain, that we were going to wind up as street people, David would calmly say that God had given him the job as a janitor just so my husband could be in the presence of such a Godly Man as Pastor Ted Haggard, and that God was going to teach David as an apprentice; and if that took scrubbing toilets or meant that he had to become the dog that received the bones from under the table-he was gladly going to be the Best janitor that New Life ever had! He reminds me that we are in boot camp for God! We both know that one day we will be inheriting millions of dollars, but when you’re hungry and scared and are forced to start over-when you were planning to retire, sometimes that future seems like a fairy tale!
    People say that a church isn’t about a building, nor about a man, but it is curious that each of us will select what church we will set our feet down in, and join, and get involved in, based on how the preacher preaches and what the worship is like. A real Christian would tell you that they are looking for a church that is on fire-with the truth of God’s Word evident. Like I said, who wants to join a dead, stale, dry, church-where people appear dead or asleep?
    I have ached and suffered as I have learned to submit to my husband’s decisions-as I too have come to love Pastor Ted and Pastor Gayle Haggard.
    If it were not for Pastor Gayle, I would be dead today! Nearly everytime I have ever seen her, she has come up to me and given me a big hug from God! It is always as if Jesus himself is touching my heart! The first time she hugged me, I had already mad the decision to give up on life! I felt so wounded that I could hardly talk to anyone without tears. I had been paralyzed and in bed since Katrina after having my spine pinned between our house and our truck. I stayed in bed and in pain because we couldn’t afford to go to the hospital for over eight months. The pain was worse than having each of my five boys that I had birthed-naturally. In May I had a cadavers’ bone grafted into my spine and part of my spine removed. Recovery has been hard! Shortly after I got out of my wheelchair and could barely walk, we were invited to Pastor Ted’s home. Pastor Gayle hugged me and told me that I “Belonged!” in this family of believers! She said that I had a great purpose!
    Little did Pastor Gayle know-that I am a “PK” (preachers kid). Because of a simple hug, and compassion in her voice, God started to reveal to me that there was a door-that I had always told Him that He could not open-a door deep within my heart, a door that I had convinced myself that I would handle all by myself! Although my dad was a preacher, he had a very secret life! That life included raping my big sister in front of me for years, beating my mom and the five of us kids until the blood ran down our legs, cursing worse than I had ever heard in my entire life, cutting my mom and himself up with razor blades in front of us, being involved in the KKK, and being a 33 degree Mason!
    At sixteen years old, after my grandfather (dad’s dad) tried to rape me, I went crying to my aunt and confided to her what my dad, big brother, uncle, cousin, and grandfather had been doing for years! Over sixty relatives were called together and held a “Kangaroo” court and I was the criminal! They kicked me out of my entire family after locking me up in a freezing old room, without any clothes, heat, food, water, or a way to go to the bathroom. I was given a pot to use! One by one, the relatives came up to spit on me and strip my clothes off, and beat me and pull my hair-trying to get me to say I was a liar! I adored all my relatives, I worshiped my big sister and my mother!
    I married a guy after meeting him for a few weeks just to get away from being raped by my brother anymore! During the next ten years, I had four sons. Our first son died. I never had a daughter, no more sisters, no mama, no grandma’s. I have gone for years without any female friendships nor family as my life became surrounded by males! I forgot how girly I always was! I built protective walls all around that part of me! Walls that were so thick that I had caged her inside and had hardly ever allowed anyone to know that she was there-deep inside longing to get out! Until Pastor Gayle hugged me, I had locked that fragile little girl up and had thrown away the key! I had not realized until that hug that my problem was that I could not be completely healed from a wounded heart-was because I had never been allowed to grieve. No matter who I went to for help (all so called christians), all I ever got were the same old clichés and scriptures taken totally out of context and thrown around as if they were throwing a dog a bone. Clichés like: God helps those that help themselves (a lie!), and scriptures like: Forgetting What is Behind, Pressing On Toward What is Ahead. Christian brothers, and sisters that may have meant well, yet they were pouring fuel on the fire-If they have not allowed those walking wounded souls the right to grieve. If anyone of you were to lose an arm or a leg, or a husband, or a child, or parent, YOU WOULD HAVE TO GRIEVE! And to have someone rip and steal that which “you” had a choice to give away to the one you loved … to have your body invaded by anyone let alone those that each of you were born to have the right to trust … ALLOW THEM TO GRIEVE! No wonder so many people hold onto unforgiveness for a lifetime! Stop what you are doing before God allows something to bring You to your knees! Repent and turn away from wannabe christians crucifying Christians!
    There are times when Gold will use someone’s past to reach out to others that are going through-or that have gone through similar events and struggles. So be a little more careful about how you throw scriptures around and what you say to hurting people. If you have never been through a crisis that you can not understand nor empathize with, please don’t hurt people more. Find them someone that can relate. When my son died, I could not be comforted by all the many that came to me and said, “I know just how you feel” the truth is they had no clue how I felt. It took me three years of grieving and crying. It is not a sin to allow wounded people to grieve. Allow them to cry until they can’t cry any more, to talk until they can’t talk any more, and to be restored through compassion! Sure the scriptures want us to grow and to mend and to climb new heights, but God always starts with allowing you to cry in His arms and climb up in the shelter of His arms.
    God has always been with me, He has always been my only friend, my only family, and the only one that I have ever trusted! It has always been humans that I didn’t trust! I had no doll growing up-I went to sleep with my Bible on my chest hoping it would protect me from being ripped out of bed in the middle of the night to be raped or beaten! I have read the Bible from cover to cover eight times. One thing that He taught me-without the help of a pastor or a church-was that I had to allow Him into my heart and behind that one door that I was afraid to have Him open! Behind that door was unforgiveness! The Lord taught me to forgive those that have harmed me, and not only to forgive them, but to pray for them! Until I was willing to do that, I could not except that God had forgiven me! I have sinned! I needed a savior! No one in my family knows me anymore, nor do they care. If they knew me now, they would know that I have truly forgiven them for all their sins!
    I joined the US Navy and was sent to the Academy in Annapolis, Maryland right out of boot camp. More than half of the females I met for those seven years were Lesbians. I was molested by my gym teacher when I was in the eighth grade. By that time, I felt that I was made for garbage. I had read that God had made vessels of honor and vessels of garbage, so I was honored that at least God made me for a reason and a purpose. After all, the world and my entire family had told me by life’s actions towards me that I was nothing and that I was trash. I learned to agree with them!
    My husband ran off with a sixteen year old girl while I was off at Corps school in Chicago. I was sent to San Diego, California where I waited for him to meet me. My belongings arrived via movers, and it was through strangers that I learned my fate. My husband was in the very bed that they had to wait on to pack while my husband and a girl finally appeared from the bedroom. I finally got my children only for my x-husband to appear one day while I had duty and kidnap my two oldest sons. It would be four years before I would ever see them again! During this time I got orders to go to Spain. I still had my baby boy that my x-husband could not steal because he was on base in a nursery. My other sons were in public school and my husband just walked in and took them without me knowing. I had been given full custody. The Navy said they had not issued my womb in a sea bag and said that I had to go overseas or go to the Brigg. I ran the immunization clinic at the time, and somehow barely managed to hold myself together. I had no one to go to, no one to trust! I tried to go to the most senior enlisted man on our base-the Master Chief of the Command. He liked my long blonde hair and would order me to take it down and stand at attention while he commanded that the only way he would help me get my children back or give me time to go find them (before going overseas for three years) was that I had to be his sex toy! I refused and turned him into the admiral. No one believed me because I was an E3 at the time! I was sent to Spain and ordered to leave my son (my baby boy) in a shelter.
    I refused as the admiral and the master chief commanded that I was going to jail if I did not leave him or find a babysitter that would travel with me to Spain as a live in babysitter to care for my baby. I was the very first female in the entire military that had the laws changed to allow females to join the military with children. I told them that God didn’t bring me this far to drop me now!
    The word got out all over the base that I had a baby and orders to go to Spain! One day a girl came into my clinic and said she needed 25 shots to go overseas. I could only give five shots per week and told her so-after giving the five. She kept coming back-everyday, demanding that she needed more shots. She shared that she needed the shots to go overseas or she would not be allowed to go. On the third day, I noticed black bruises all over her body. She cried that she was afraid for her life and was being beaten by her roommate who was a junky. Her roommate was her lover. I had never known anything about drugs nor had I known anyone that lived in a homosexual lifestyle besides that school teacher. I knew of lesbians on base, but I hung out with no one. I never went out or dated. I was a mama! I had no clue, nor had any desire to party or drink or do anything-but raise my sons. I just wanted my husband back, and my life to go back to the only normal I had ever known! I was aching!
    I had been living in chief’s housing and had a four bedroom two story home. I offered that hurting women a room to live in until I went overseas. I told her my problems as we got to know one another. She listened as I cried, and she seemed to care. Before I knew it, I was involved with this butch women. Nothing about her looked like a female! I was very repulsed by that! I loved being a female! In the following days while waiting to move, I found myself involved in such a pit that I could not get out of. I took the women with me. She turned herself into the Navy and declared she was a homosexual. I took her with me with the intentions to live in and baby-sit. Before I knew it, this roommate introduced me to pot and then to hashish. I gave her complete control over my life and of my child. I had lost my identity. It would take a book, in which I am writing, to expose the depths of the homosexual world! I had my hand on the doorknob to Hell, and too many of the things that I encountered during that next five years would blow even the most liberal person away! I saw things that are unbelievable! There is a world that exists that Satan in totally in charge of that is available to the Gay or Queer that no straight person has ever seen nor witnessed. My pure and innocent longing for my mama, and my sister, and my grandma’s, and my aunts, and my cousins left me totally confused as to what to do and how to go about getting anyone that was female to love me simply as a friend.
    I got out of the Navy with two honorable discharges, and soon got rid of that lesbian roommate. She nearly killed me during that last year of trying to break away from her. I was beaten, locked up, robbed, and burned by someone that I loved. I began to read the Bible while I was in Spain, I began to seek God with all my heart! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I was involved in was sin! I begged God to help me and to deliver me. After that prayer, I lost my career, I lost all my money, I lost my brand new cars, I lost everything, and I nearly lost my life! Looking back, I see that God was always there! He was orchestrating a way of escape for me, yet it would cost me everything-just so I would have it seared into my heart, soul, and mind that I would never want to trust going back down that path again!
    God never said that He would keep me from suffering from the consequences of my sins, He did tell me that He would never leave me nor forsake me though. If you are a Christian, you may think that you can get by with sin, but try as you may, in most cases our loving father has to allow us to be so chastened by horrible consequences because most of us just wont learn the lesson of the things we shouldn’t do until it costs us everything! God still loves us! He proves that by the fact that He cares enough to bring us back! Some of us come away seared and scalded, some of us badly shaken. One thing that all this taught me was that God really does love “Even Me”. God turns those that choose to remain in the homosexual and sodomy lifestyle over to a reprobate mind. Reprobate. A mind that has no ability at all to agree with anyone that would tell them that their lifestyle is a sin. A mind that will only agree with another homosexual! The only agenda in a homosexual lifestyle is one that propagates their “own” way of life. They become militant against anyone that opposes them-including God! Since time began and mankind experienced the fall, there has been a battle to destroy God’s people, and once God sent His Son Jesus to be the sacrifice for your sins and mine, from that moment onward, Satan has used evil and the sins of mankind to use those that allow him to-as puppets and pawns to influence those that will become entrapped to eat the bitter fruit of death, pain, and unforgiveness. Ultimately, the end is Hell… Do you wonder why those that hate Christians ridicule you so much? The world hates a hypocrite! They are not swayed with any amount of scripture throwing nor anything you have to offer them if you can not come to them with love and with experience of the knowledge of what they are facing! How many of you are “Pew Packing Dead Statues”? How many of you judge others based on the feeling that you are a Christian? How many of you are not willing to get down into the trenches nor willing to give more than a handout? How many of you think you’re all that? But for the Grace of God go all of us!

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