If they talk about morals, cover your breasts and run!

Because, as we all know, the biggest lechers are those who preach the loudest.

Polish prosecutors are investigating claims that Deputy Prime Minister Andrzej Lepper employed a woman on condition that she had sex with him.

A former local councillor for Mr Lepper’s Self Defence party made the claim in the Gazeta Wyborcza paper.

Mr Lepper denies he had sex with the woman and says her claim is “insane”.

The BBC’s Adam Easton says the scandal will embarrass Polish PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski, elected last year promising a “moral revolution“.


According to the paper, Mr Lepper invited the woman to a hotel room in the Polish parliament complex five years ago, after she was promised a job in a regional party office.

The woman says Mr Lepper made it clear the job was hers if she agreed to have sex with him.

“I tried to refuse [to have sex] but when I said ‘no’ he [Mr Lepper] said there were hundreds of other girls to take my position,” the woman is quoted as saying.

The woman says she accepted the offer because, as the single mother of two children, she needed the money.

The woman says she was also required to have sex with a local party official, and other female employees also faced harassment.

Isn’t that always the way of it? A single woman, working to support her children, is being made out to be fair game for what my dear departed grandpa would call a Lustmolch (that’s German for “old letch”). The mode of coercion? “If you don’t do it, someone else will.”

Of course, this is how working women have been over a barrel for decades, if not since time immemorial. No sex, no job. In theory, that should only apply to prostitutes and porn stars, whose jobs ARE sex, but it’s actually shockingly commonplace for any woman working in a male-dominated place.

And nowhere more so than among the moralists. After all, they’re the ones who think all decent women should stay home and make unpaid sex their job, along with cooking, cleaning and shutting up.

How I wish, just once, that the tables could be turned against them, so they know how it feels to have to “perform”, whether they’re up for it or not. But since we don’t have recourse to THAT, anti-harassment laws will just have to do.

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One Response to If they talk about morals, cover your breasts and run!

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Good points Bina.
    Capitalism makes whores of most of us, a one point or another. These men that have been debased because of their weakness and ethical lapses, and greed, displace their feelings of shame and inferiority on the women they harass.
    This is an age old dynamic. Let’s hope that with increased awarness, social solidarity, and the fall of capitalism as a dominant system of relations that this ignoble violence will be significantly lessened.
    I certainly doesn’t help when the hypocritical moralists repress our natural inclination to enjoy sexual pleasure in such grotesque forms.

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