Ileana Ros-Lehtinen claims this is edited…

…but it sure doesn’t look that way to me. From the mouth of this congresscritter (R-Crazybitch), strange and vile things sure do have a way of popping out:

It sounds just like she’s calling for murder, does it not?

By the way, Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, do you also welcome the assassination of your own president? He’s unelected. He’s also oppressing more people now than Fidel has done in all his long career. And a substantial number of the oppressed are your fellow Americans, whom he’s sending to die on the basis of lies.

Which brings me to another video:

Much as we hate them, though, you won’t hear us howling for their blood. We’ll gladly settle for a well-deserved impeachment, war crimes trial, and perp-walk in shackles past a crowd flinging slaughterhouse refuse at them.

Meanwhile, Chavecito has some sad news for Rep. Crazybitch:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday that Fidel Castro is not dying of cancer, saying he had spoken with the ailing Cuban leader by phone and he is well enough to tell jokes.

“Fidel doesn’t have cancer. I’m very well-informed … he’s instructed [Cuban officials] to inform me of all the details of what is happening,” Chavez said during a speech in Caracas.

“Nobody knows when Fidel is going to die,” Chavez added.

“[Yet] we are very optimistic. Yesterday, I found him to be in a very good mood, well enough to compare my parrots to [President] Bush,” Chavez continued, describing the way Castro had told him his pet birds were more talkative than their “northern neighbour.”

He said the two leaders had spoken twice on Thursday and had discussed a series of new projects between Venezuela and Cuba, including plans for joint oil expeditions.

Chavez reiterated previous comments that Fidel’s recuperation is going “slowly” and that Castro is fighting “a great battle” to regain his health after suffering what he described as a “serious illness.”

Call me kooky, but I choose to believe Chavecito; he has it on much better authority than the unnamed US officials who keep insisting that Fidel is dying of cancer. I doubt very much that Fidel is on speaking terms with them, let alone concerning his health.

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