Oh, fergawdsakes!

Barely is the dictator cold in his grave, and already the would-be hagiographers are calling for a monument (or several) to this sick-ass freak…

A group of right-wing politicians has proposed erecting three monuments to Chile’s former military leader, General Augusto Pinochet, who died this month.

The main monument, for which plans have been put to parliament for approval, would be in the capital, Santiago.

BBC correspondents say the government is unlikely to pass the bill. Thousands died during Gen Pinochet’s 17-year rule and he was accused of rights abuses.

But his supporters believe he put Chile on to a path of strong economic growth.

According to the bill presented by politician Ivan Moreira and others, the principal monument to Gen Pinochet would be built outside Chile’s presidential palace, La Moneda.

It would stand in the same square as a monument to Salvador Allende, the elected president overthrown in Gen Pinochet’s 1973 coup.

The other two monuments proposed would be in the northern city of Iquique and in Gen Pinochet’s birthplace, Valparaiso.

Mr Moreira, a Pinochet loyalist, told reporters that if Mr Allende had a monument to him, then so should Gen Pinochet.

Translation: We want a Fair and Balanced ode to fascist dictatorship, dammit! Never mind that in actual fact he ruined the country from top to bottom, economically, socially, politically, spiritually–in the name of Fairness and Balance, we demand that he be hallowed!

If such monuments are erected, they will soon become unofficial public urinals–I guarantee it.

And THAT would be the only true fairness and balance about the whole farce.

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2 Responses to Oh, fergawdsakes!

  1. Dave Ward says:

    “Never mind that in actual fact he ruined the country from top to bottom, economically, socially, politically, spiritually”
    Hey, don’t forget the genocide thing. That was one of his specialties, you know!
    You know, if they put up a statue of Pinochet it could be useful; it will give us something to topple whenever we get far enough down the list of countries to invade.

  2. Bina says:

    Dave, you’re forgetting one thing: Chile was already invaded by US forces (CIA) on September 11, 1973. It’s why Henry Kissinger can no longer leave the US for fear of being captured and hauled to The Hague.
    BTW, did you hear? Pinochet was cremated, because they didn’t want his grave to become a focal point for political activities–whatever THAT means. I gather they don’t want protesters using it as a dumping ground for the stuff that collects in the bottom of portapotties.
    Oh well, it’s still kind of fitting–he gets to burn whether or not there’s a hell for him to do so in. And hey: his family can dump his ashes unceremoniously out of a plane over the ocean, just as he did to his victims.
    Let it never be said that there is no such thing as Karma.

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