Toady Blair, suicide bomber

Does this man enjoy being Bush’s bitch? He must, because there is simply no other explanation for THIS:

Tony Blair has defended Britain’s relationship with the US, after claims he had failed to wield any significant influence over President Bush.

Mr Blair said moving away from the US would have a devastating impact on the UK’s international standing.

Speaking in Dubai he said the close relationship was a “strength” and had been a cornerstone of policy for years.

The Chatham House report said his legacy would be the “disaster” of Iraq and his failure to influence the US.

Mr Blair, who is on a tour of the Middle East focusing on the peace process, said he had not read the report by Britain’s leading foreign policy think tank.

But he said that one of the greatest myths in politics was that close ties with America harmed Britain’s attempts to solve problems in the Middle East.

“People know that, whether it’s Israel/Palestine, or it’s sorting out the economic problems of the region, or it’s on any of the major challenges that face our world today – from climate change through to world trade through to global poverty through to the fight against terrorism – whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere – it can’t be done without America.”

He added: “If you back away from [the relationship with America], and give it up because you get under pressure from parts of the media or public opinion, we’ll pay a very heavy price in the future.

“That’s my belief as prime minister and, if you really want to know, I think that most people when they’re actually in the position, having to take the decisions, will come to the same view”.

Sounds to me like that view is distinctly myopic–or–what’s the medical term for tunnel vision, again?

Since Toady is convinced that future glory will be his if he straps himself to a bad foreign policy that is doomed to blow up in his face, I can only assume that he is no less a suicide bomber than any of those headbanded fanatics reading out their last communiques on Islamist sites.

Bad Prime Minister! No rewards in heaven for you!

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