Are Hal Turner and Patwa in cahoots?

Sure smells that way to me. First, from the Virginian-Pilot, we get this cute little item

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson cited communications with God in predicting Tuesday that horrific terrorism aimed at the United States will result in “mass killing” during the second half of 2007.

“The Lord didn’t say nuclear, but I do believe it’ll be something like that – that’ll be a mass killing, possibly millions of people, major cities injured,” Robertson said.

“There will be some very serious terrorist attacks,” he said. “The evil people will come after this country, and there’s a possibility – not a possibility, a definite certainty – that chaos is going to rule.” Robertson did not say where the attacks would occur.

Then, from the WingNutDaily, there’s this:

A radio talk-show entertainer whose earlier statements that he “may” have to assassinate members of Congress if the wrong people were elected Nov. 7 now has set a timetable for those killings.

In a statement on his website, Hal Turner noted that a newspaper has reported that a bill granting amnesty to illegal aliens is expected to be enacted in January, when the Democratic Party takes control of the U.S. Senate and House.


“Members of Congress and the Senate will NOT be permitted to BETRAY our nation by simply GIVING AWAY the most cherished aspect of America, Citizenship, to millions of people who cared so little for what Citizenship means that they came here against our law,” he continued.

Hey, for once Patwa may be onto something. Hal Turner, as a white supremacist who routinely incites his listeners to hate and its associated crimes, certainly fits any sensible definition of a terrorist, and the actions he’s plotting could certainly be called terrorism, no?

Besides, Patwa could do with an accurate prediction for a change; his god hasn’t been very forthcoming with the prognostications in recent years. In fact, it’s been going so pathetically for him that he’s been forced to stretch a bit:

Robertson said in May that, “If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed” by “vicious hurricanes.” He predicted that “there well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest.”

No hurricanes struck the U.S. coast in 2006. Three tropical storms hit the country.

No tsunami occurred in the Pacific Northwest, though parts of Washington state saw record-setting rains, floods or drought during 2006, said Josiah Mault, the assistant state climatologist.

In January 2004, Robertson said, “I really believe I’m hearing from the Lord it’s going to be like a blowout” re-election for President Bush.

Bush won 51 percent of the vote that fall, beating Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

In 2005, Robertson predicted that “Bush is now positioned to have victory after victory and that his second term is going to be one of triumph.” Robertson said Bush’s Social Security overhaul proposals would be approved and “he’ll have conservative judges on the courts.”

Senators confirmed Bush’s 2005 nominations of John Roberts Jr. and Samuel Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court, making it more conservative in the view of many observers.

But the president’s Social Security initiative stalled, and Republicans lost control of Congress in the latest election amid voters’ unhappiness with Bush’s Iraq policy.

For those keeping score, Patwa’s only had “hits” on maybe one out of every two predictions. Maybe. You could get as good a result by flipping a coin. A tropical storm is rather a lesser beast than a “vicious hurricane”, and heavy rains are not “something like a tsunami”. Plus, I’d say the judge confirmations didn’t exactly need divine whisperings to be a foregone conclusion; with a Republican-stacked congress and a lot of wishy-washy tame Dems onside, even such egregious yahoos as Roberts and Alito could skate by, doing triple axels all the way.

Come to think of it, even a coin-flipper could do better than Patwa for prognostications. I know I can, and I don’t even have to pray first!

Hey, maybe Hal can help Patwa plot the assassination of Hugo Chavez again. That is, if they’re not both in solitary confinement by year’s end.

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