Cardinal supports Chavecito!

Sky falling! Film at 11…

From Aporrea:

“The respect expressed by Cardinal Urosa for the decision of the Chief of State to not renew RCTV’s broadcast licence is a positive sign of peaceful compliance with the law and the legitimacy of the decisions of the National Executive,” affirmed Communications Minister William Lara, when asked about the declarations of the Archbishop of Caracas, who also asked for the possibility of reversing the decision to be examined.

Minister Lara confirmed that the issue was of an irreversible constitutional fact, a legal and solidly incontrovertible regulation.

The minister assured that Cardinal Urosa had nothing to be concerned about respecting the plurality of information in the land. “The increase in the number of radio and television stations, newspapers, magazines, websites, and the diversity of political orientations they represent, is the most reliable guarantee that Venezuelans have abundant access to information every day, amid the freedom of expression and information in Venezuelan democracy,” he added.

Translation mine.

Oh dear, what was it again that Father Jonathan was saying about repression in Venezuela? Damn, it’s getting so hard to find solid evidence of that sucker!

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