Festive Left Friday Blogging: A flurry of festivity!

You thought the holidays were over? Well, maybe so–but for me, the fun’s just begun.

Hugo Chavez, re-inaugurated yet again!

The hardest part of the swearing-in this week of my favorite democratic socialist was finding the perfect Chavecito pic. Not because there was any shortage of great ones, but because there was a veritable glut. Big smiles, killer dimples and droll gestures abounded:

Hammy Hugo, hand on heart

Hammy Hugo, praying

Hammy Hugo singing

Hammy Hugo gets the last laugh on Rosalito!

Let’s face it–he’s just more fun than his rightist rivals could ever hope to be. On top of everything else.

Chavecito was also on hand to see another amigo sworn in:

Chavecito with Daniel Ortega

Here, it was Daniel Ortega wearing the sash, but what’s that around Chavecito’s neck? Surely not a little token of thanks for all the help he’s giving to Nicaragua as it prepares to enter ALBA?

And, as promised, here’s a shot of the left’s latest Nobel nominee, too:

Evo Morales in Managua

Nope, still no suit for the unlikely trendsetter. But I do love the subtle trim on Evo’s jacket.

But wait! Are all these celebrations wearing on Chavecito and General “Tao”? Perish the thought:

Chavecito and Gen. Baduel, mopping in tandem

They just can’t help it if they’re too hot to handle!

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