Fidel’s wickedness knows no bounds!

I mean, just look at what he once told Evo!

President Evo Morales said Friday that his close ally Fidel Castro once advised him to shun arms for his populist cause and change Bolivia through democratic means.

The Cuban president, who once tried to spread armed revolt throughout South America, “never told me that you have to take up arms, never,” Morales said in an interview Friday with Bolivian radio network Fides.

Morales, who was democratically elected in 2005, said Castro urged him three years ago not to follow his own example of rising to power through armed revolution. Instead, Castro urged Morales to pursue a democratic revolution similar to the one Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claims to be leading.

“At the beginning of 2003, when I was invited to a big conference in Cuba, (Castro) said, ‘Don’t do what I did; don’t have an armed uprising,'” said Morales. “‘Lead a democratic revolution, like Chavez’s, with a constitutional assembly.'”

Sounds like the old boy not only learned from his own mistakes (and the loss of his comrade Che, who significantly perished in Bolivia), but is making up for them now by giving solid advice to his friends. That’s more than you’ll ever hear from the likes of, oh, say, Augusto Pinochet, whose only apparent regret about his own coupmongering was that it had made him horrendously unpopular (oh, woe is he.)

So much, too, for the panic of wealthy oligarchs in Venezuela who would have us believe that Chavecito is out to create another Cuba there. The fact that the Cuban “maximo leader” is pointing to Chavez and not himself as an example of how to make revolution, should tell us something right there about the veracity of THAT little piece of propaganda.

What was it that Fidel said again, about history absolving him? I’d say he has done a pretty good job of it himself already. Glad he isn’t waiting, like Pinochet, for death to make him unaccountable, and writing his own excuse notes from Hades in the meantime.

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