Remind me again: Why did Saddam hang?

Hmmm…for the killings at Dujail, no?

Good thing for certain Westerners, then, that he didn’t get a chance to be tried for THIS, too:

(Hat tip to my friend Corey for the link.)

According to JeffAmerican, who posted this at YouTube, this is a clip from a documentary called “Saddam Hussein: The Trial the World Will Never See”. It was made for French TV by a former “60 Minutes” producer, Barry Lando. You can read more about it, and also see video footage of the Halabja Massacre and the western companies linked to it, at AlterNet.

This is no news to me; I’ve repeatedly posted the link to this story at the National Security Archive of George Washington University. Rumsfeld sold Saddam his WMD. Not all of it, just all that came courtesy of the good ol’ freedom-and-justice-loving US of A.

Not only that, but the US also winked at the gas massacres Saddam committed. And why not? After all, he was using their own proudly manufactured product.

We all know who won’t hang, because that would only have been an outcome of the trial that the US, via one of its own judges, managed to avert by handing Saddam over for his insta-hanging. But guess what, folks: The US knew about Dujail, too. And yet, they saw perfectly fit to send Rummy there a year and five months later, to restore full relations with Iraq and sell Saddam the weaponry with which to commit even MORE murders.

Why is THAT not making the news?

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