Too little, too late, Too Stupid!

If you ever wonder why so many people are calling Dubya “Too Stupid to be President”, here–have a clue-by-four:

US President George W Bush has said he wished the execution of ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had been more dignified but insisted that justice was done.

Mr Bush said he expected a “full investigation” of the way the execution had been carried out.

But he said Saddam Hussein had been given justice that “the thousands of people he killed had not”.

Incredible, isn’t it? “It doesn’t look nice, but it was still justice, so nyaaaah.” That’s what he’s really saying here. He’s not condemning the execution, he’s not denouncing the kangaroo court that rushed it through–he’s just all defensive because it makes him look like a wet pile of dog turds. It was supposed to be a triumph, and instead it became Saddam’s last pissing match with a bunch of fellow thugs. Oh, the humanity.

Speaking of leaders who’ve killed thousands, what justice do you suppose HE’ll get? Probably the same that Pinochet got, at the rate things are currently shaping up. He ought to get down in front of Nancy Pelosi and lick her shoes for taking impeachment off the table, but this arrogant worm will probably get her to shine his wingtips instead.

Amazing how even lofty words like “justice” get sullied when a Bush utters them.

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