Wow, socialism really IS good for capitalism!

UPI, normally a Moonie mouthpiece, actually reports something amusing rather than antagonistic about Chavecito for a change:

A Mexican restaurant in a trendy part of Chicago is using some unlikely spokespeople in its print advertisements.

Marcos Rivera, manager of the Las Palmas restaurant in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, has run several recent advertisements featuring quotations from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The advertisements picture Chavez with his hand in the air, proclaiming “Long live the socialist revolution!” the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday.

Several people have criticized the ads, which have also featured quotations from protestors in Oaxaca, Mexico. Over the past two years, Las Palmas has run ads in Chicago publications featuring Latin American authors and filmmakers, as well as John Lennon and Coretta Scott King.

Rivera, whose parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico, told the newspaper that the ads are “a forum that I have. It’s something that’s important to me.” Rivera means to educate the public through the ads about some prominent “freedom fighters,” but admitted that he has been afraid to run them sometimes, fearing backlash.

I don’t know who those “several people” are–probably they aren’t “several” at all, but just a very whiny few. In any case, bravo to Marcos Rivera for using his clout to teach the public about the good guys of this world.

I wonder if he can send delivery orders to Canada; I could do with some fajitas.

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