And the hearts and minds just keep on tumblin’…

Remember that old TV show, “Love American Style”?

This is something like that.

Call it “Summary Punishment, American Style”. A tank runs over a taxi driver’s car. Why? Supposedly it was being used to steal wood.

Yes, that’s right–those nice clean free-market American soldier boys DESTROYED A TAXI DRIVER’S LIVELIHOOD. And you can hear them laughing while they do it, too.

I wonder exactly what Dubya is expecting his troop surge to accomplish. Surely not more of the same?

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2 Responses to And the hearts and minds just keep on tumblin’…

  1. Dana says:

    I see the powers that be was quick to remove this one from public view…it says ‘This Video No Longer Available’. I thought we had freedom in this country? Guess we’re not as free as we think we are.

  2. Bina says:

    Yeah…freedom is on the march, and irony is dead. Long live irony!

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