By the way, you’re also free to stop buying coke from Colombia

Oh, that Chavecito. Irrepressible as always, and ever ready with a blunt reply to Washington when it starts making noises about his novel take on democracy (namely, to actually practice it rather than just preaching it endlessly like Washington hacks do). Get a load of his latest snappy comeback!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday said the United States is free to stop buying oil from its No. 4 supplier of imported crude amid persistent political tensions between Caracas and Washington.

“If they don’t want to buy (our) oil, they can tell us and we won’t sell them oil,” Chavez said during a speech to retirees. “Over there they are the biggest consumers on the planet, that’s not our fault.”

Chavez, who has repeatedly threatened to cut off oil sales to the United States if Washington moves against him, was responding to U.S. government efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oil.

U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman on Wednesday told a Houston energy conference “the current level of energy insecurity in the world poses an unacceptable risk to our economies and security.”

Oh, that must be why they’re now ramping up for war on Iran. Yup, it’s that ol’ energy insecurity that’ll get you every time. The United States have long suffered from energy insecurity, which is why they’ve repeatedly propped up one or another dictator in oil-rich countries. Just ask any Venezuelan.

The fact that wars are inherently destabilizing and kind of wreck your chances of energy security is neither here nor there with this bunch of Wunderkinder. It’s like Gulf War I never happened, and Saddam (formerly a US ally) never torched all those Kuwaiti oil wells. At least, that’s the feeling I get from seeing how all those oil-connected Repugs learned their history lessons…

By the way, fellas, feel free to stop buying your cocaine from Colombia anytime, if you’re so worried about substance abuse, dependency and all that.

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