CubanaBomber Death Watch: How long till the mistrial?

Or, failing that, the sudden disappearance and/or death?

An anti-Castro Cuban militant is to face trial in the US in May, charged with lying to immigration officials.

Luis Posada Carriles has been held in an immigration detention centre in Texas since 2005 after crossing the border illegally from Mexico.

Both Venezuela and Cuba want to put Mr Posada on trial for allegedly masterminding the bombing of a Cuban jetliner in 1976 that killed 73 people.

A US judge has ruled that Mr Posada can not be deported to Cuba or Venezuela.

Mr Posada is accused of fraud and making false statements on an application for US citizenship he made after he arrived in the country in 2005.

Of course, his illegal immigration trial is a sham; he should be tried for terrorism, but he won’t, because he’s CIA. So this is what it’s come down to.

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as an illegal Cuban alien in the United States. Once a Cuban is ashore in Florida, s/he immediately gets amnesty. “Illegal” is a designation which has long been reserved for Mexicans. This foolish inconsistency, where one kind of Spanish-speaking immigrant is more welcome than another, is just what you can expect of a “Land of Opportunity” with a long, proud history of racist exclusion laws–and an equally long, proud history of trying to annex Cuba. If you slip in undocumented from Mexico, you’re an “illegal”; if you do it from Cuba, you’re an “exile”. Never mind that no human being is illegal, and the “exiles” weren’t exiled by anyone but themselves. These are the strange subtleties of US immigration law.

Strangely, though, Posada Carriles did slip in from Mexico–by boat. And isn’t it also strange that this “illegal” alien is not being deported to his native land–or to Venezuela, where he also has citizenship? Standard procedure for “illegals” is to send ’em back to where they came from, isn’t it?

Well, yes. But since Cuba and Venezuela both want to try him for his numerous crimes, and no one else wants him, in the US he will stay and face the farce of a trial for a non-crime, claiming (falsely) that he is a victim of political persecution. He’ll probably be set loose after a mistrial, since the outcome is already known. In fact, he’ll probably still expect the US citizenship he thinks to be his due. After all, Poppy Bush hired him to commit anti-Cuban terrorism. Who’s to say he didn’t dangle the additional incentive of possible US citizenship just to sweeten the pot?

It remains to be seen how long the US government will temporize on this. Could be he’ll die waiting for citizenship papers that never come. My bet is not only on that, but also on the likelihood of evil wicked Fidel outliving him, since both Chavecito and Fidel’s own son (also named Fidel Castro) have now confirmed that the old boy’s on the road to recovery.

The CubanaBomber, however, has undergone repeated treatments for skin cancer and a heart condition, and at his age, the prognosis isn’t the best. I foresee his old employers in BushCo going on protecting him in the usual noncommital manner until their infernal lord and master comes to take him home.

It’s just a question of which will come first: death or mistrial. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

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