Dubya gets what he’s got coming, again

Poor Dubya, he’s been having such a rough week. First he gets spanked in Germany by Ms. Liberty, and now this:

Millions of people the world over will now realize a cherished dream: to give a big, fat kick in the ass to King George Bush. In New York, an English artist offers this cathartic service. See the brilliant photo.

British artist Mark McGowan went out this Thursday in the streets of New York dressed as US president George W. Bush, inviting people to kick him in the backside to “ease some of their frustrations”.

Moving on all fours along the esplanade of Lincoln Center, with a “kick me” sign on his butt, McGowan explained that he was rendering a service “to the people of the United States, and to the people of New York.”

“I’m offering a service, a therapeutic compromise, a cathartic experience–to kick Bush in the butt and ease some of your frustrations.”

McGowan will be going around in this way for 72 hours, exposing his conveniently protected buttocks to the ire of the public.

The unusual presentation is the Briton’s contribution to the contemporary art fair Scope, which will be held in New York on the 26th of February.

One of the first to kick the president’s ass was a police officer, who would not give his name but who said he felt great after doing so.

The officer said he enjoyed doing it, and that “Bush has gotten this country into too much trouble, and he deserves a good kick.”

(Translation and linkage mine.)

Here’s something else this artist has done, which may or may not be germane:

“This is not a protest.” Naturally the Bobbies think otherwise at first.

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