New bird species discovered in Australia

It’s the Australian Chickenhawk, and so far only three specimens, all male, have been discovered:

A new bird species: the Australian Chickenhawk

Let’s hope they’re the last of the species; I’d hate to see another generation. One thing the world DOESN’T need more of, is this:

They weren't soldiers? Bummer!

And speaking of skitebirds I hope will NEVER reproduce, ladies and gentleman–please give it up for Rush Limbaugh!

Seriously, though: Dick Cheney is their hero? What heroic thing has the man done?

Could it be the incredible chutzpah with which he got out of serving in Vietnam–by taking advantage of every deferment he could get, and then, when those ran out, by conveniently knocking up his wife? (Sure beats having to exaggerate the severity of a pimple on one’s ass, eh Rush?)

What I find sad is that three sorry-ass chickenhawks spent $1200 (Aus.) on a professionally-made banner to extol an idol who not only has clay feet, but whose entire carcass is guano. Way to show the world what you’re made of, mates.

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2 Responses to New bird species discovered in Australia

  1. blah says:

    “We love America”!? Blargh.
    Don’t you hate it when non-Americans who support the US government talk about being “pro-US” and “Friends of America” etc etc?
    It’s as though they can’t see a difference between an unpopular government whose policies have virtually no real support, and the general population which overwhelming rejects the entire neoliberal, imperialist, “bipartisan consensus.”
    Always annoys me, at least.

  2. Bina says:

    I hear ya! I hate it too when people conflate an unpopular administration with “America”. BushCo is the most un-American and anti-American ruling junta since Nixon; just look at the contempt with which they treat their own people. Those people, not the ruling faction, are AMERICA! And now the overwhelming majority of America objects to being held in contempt by its so-called elected officials? Gee, I guess that makes America anti-American…
    And Cheney, for all his tough rhetoric, is a big fat coward. Even his chickenhawk boss has him beat–at least Dubya briefly donned a uniform, albeit in charade, before going AWOL. Cheney didn’t even try to do that; he just sucked up every deferment he could get.
    If THAT is these people’s idea of America, let alone great men, they’ve been looking at the world from behind a beer glass for too long.

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