Festive Left Friday Blogging: How do you say “squirrely” in Spanish?

However you say it, Chavecito and Evo have the situation well in hand…

Chavecito and Evo drive los escualidos squirrely!

And speaking of squirrely, get a load of ABC’s split personality. On the one hand, they have Chavecito giving good interview to Baba Wawa. On the other, they peddle locura like this–from a yellow journalist with a habit of getting herself sued for libel (and storming out of interviews).

Of course, this is all to be expected: Dubya’s smarm offensive flopped as predicted, while Chavecito’s alterna-tour (complete with substance!) was a smashing success. A situation guaranteed to drive the American Broadcaster of Crapaganda nutso.

(And in other squirrely news, check out how the “Business Media Institute”, no doubt another far-right sausage factory, lost the last remnants of its marbles over the Baba Wawa schmoozefest. Chavecito los tiene locos–not that THEY need any help.)

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