Hugo Chavez: The dictator who wouldn’t dictate

Incredible. Via Aporrea, I just found this bomblet about everybody’s favorite accused dictator:

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, called upon the country to invent the revolutionary formula “with much flexibility and dynamism.”

The head of state recalled the fact that a revolution requires popular creativity and “for this I cling to what Bolivar said: ‘I believe more in the counsel of the people than in that of sages.'”


Chávez mentioned Cuban president Fidel Castro, in the sense that one of his greatest errors was “to believe that any single individual knew how to construct socialism.”

(Translation mine.)

Well. How’s that for a jaw-dropper? Not only is this “dictator” calling on his people to, if I’m reading this correctly, dictate to him what form the Bolivarian revolution must take, but also–and this is one in the eye for all those who persist in claiming he’s copying Castro–he dares to criticize his so-called mentor!

What the hell do you call a dictator who refuses to dictate, I wonder?

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