If you thought Baba Wawa was bad…

…you ain’t seen the half of it, baby. This is where learning Spanish comes in so handy–you get the big picture someone else doesn’t want you to see.

Can you believe that more than ten minutes into this interview, she’s STILL dwelling on the “name-calling”? The truth hurts, and Baba is shocked, SHOCKED to hear it. So shocked, she can’t stop flogging the dead horse even when her questions have been answered several times over. Lady, let it go already.

And speaking of name-calling, SHE calls HIM “an enemy of George Bush”. Memo to Baba: If you want to get on your high horse about anything someone else does, don’t stoop to doing it yourself!

What I get a kick out of here, though, is how Chavecito sets Baba (or should I call her Baa-Baa?) straight. For example, she accuses him of being the biggest arms buyer–first in the world (she’s then forced to backpedal and say “Latin America”, also incorrectly)–and he refutes her neatly with facts. He knows just how much Brazil, Chile and Colombia have bought of everything, and in each case, it’s more than he’s done. He then points out how much more he’s spent on eradicating poverty. He does this repeatedly, on a number of fronts: Fidel, Iran, the RCTV kerfuffle, everything. As he says, the context is so much larger–and she misses it!

And speaking of missed context: transcript of the ABC segment here.

As you can see, what ABC in its wisdom decided to extract is all the worst and shallowest parts of the interview. What they could have done to assure REAL balance or depth, is taken up instead with needless blather–namely Baba Wawa’s and John “Corporate Whore” Stossel’s VERY unprofessional editorializations. These are meant to bolster the negative picture they want you to retain, and to negate the tiny, token positives the segment shows. They insinuate that Chavez is part of a “family dictatorship” himself, simply by virtue of his association with Fidel Castro. By that token, you might as well say Chavez is an actor because he is friends with Danny Glover. Similarly, you might as well say that Pierre Trudeau, our late great prime minister, was a communist–he also was friendly with Fidel. Guilt by association is one of the oldest smears in the book, and it could hardly be more blatant here.

Stossel is also lying through his ‘stache when he says Chavez “rarely grants interviews”. He’s constantly in front of the press, both at home and abroad; it’s a wonder the man finds time to govern! In fact, the press is so constant a presence in Chavez’s life that he’s just built a brand-new state-of-the-art press gallery at Miraflores.

But then again, this kind of half-witted observation comes as no surprise; consider the source. Stossel is well known for his denial of scientific fact, as well as for touting the private sector and slamming the public. So naturally he has nothing good, or even remotely factual, to say about a man whose mission as president has been to unravel decades of private-sector misrule in his own country!

Of course, ABC knows all about private-sector misrule. They can’t even present a responsible, fact-based docudrama about 9-11. Ever wonder why?

I gave up wondering a long time ago. Right about the same time I quit watching ABC. In fact, for the very same reason. But I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that reason is.


When you hear the words “FOX News”, the phrase “useless idiots” often comes to mind. Especially when you watch these telebimbettes savaging Baba Wawa for all the wrong reasons, and repeating unsubstantiated codswallop from Venezuelans who “fled” nothing worse than the empowerment of the underclasses.

And speaking of savaging, here are some others who also got it bass-ackwards: Enter Stage Fright, Investor’s Bullshit Daily, and NewsBuggerers. People, please–you’re embarrassing yourselves. Spend that time and energy on enlightening yourselves for a change!

Meanwhile, someone at Aporrea wasn’t fooled. Bless you–it’s good to know I’m not the only one who noticed all that!

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