How Bill O’Reilly supports the troops

One more reason to despise the man, in case anybody needs one:

When a retired colonel makes some damn good points about the Geneva conventions and the need for the US to respect them in order to retain the moral high ground it’s always so quick to claim, he gets all huffy…and then orders her mike cut. Just a typical day at the office for Mr. Oh-Really!

Meanwhile, here’s a gentleman who speaks for me and a lot of others on this issue:

Believe me, if I had one, Bill O’Reilly could suck mine, too. But I’d insist on wearing a condom, because that man has a foul mouth and I don’t know where it’s been.

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2 Responses to How Bill O’Reilly supports the troops

  1. OMG….what a freakin’ bully.
    Also….did you notice, Bina, how they were so quick to label her so “anti-American” and “an anti-war activist”???
    At least he didn’t attempt to out yell her like he tried to do Geraldo Rivera during his “illegal alien” meltdown…though I’d guess that in his world, she is far worse than any “illegal” for having the gall to call him out on his bullshit.
    Once an asshole fascist, always an asshole fascist….even with the butt plug.

  2. Bina says:

    Yeah, I saw. Anti-war=”anti-American”? Um, wouldn’t that make America one big stinkin’ war? They really have sunk beneath all contempt here. If they think war defines the American character, they really need to go fight some and see what it does to theirs.

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