What really happened on Puente Llaguno

In case there’s any doubt, Mario Silva (on the media-dissection show La Hojilla) has the proof on video:

Aerial view (from a helicopter) of the bridge where the Chavez supporters held off the Caracas metro police AND a number of snipers on this day five years ago. You can see they are ducking and crawling across the bridge. You can hear sirens and shots. You can also see there is NO opposition march on Baralt Avenue. All you see down on the avenue is a small number of Chavistas, and the police riot truck, from which shots were being fired–at the Chavistas!

Yeah, those Bolivarian Circles were really shooting at a march three blocks away. Venevision said it, some people believe it, that settles it.

How hardcore stupid does anyone have to be to STILL believe that old disociado myth?

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