Festive Left Friday Blogging: A Bolivarian May Day

Chavecito’s big speech on the International Day of the Worker, at the PDVSA plant of José Antonio Anzoátegui, celebrates the end of the petro-privatization drive of the 1990s as Venezuela gains sovereignty over its oil. No wonder the huge crowd of oil workers is cheering: The Orinoco region is now estimated to be the richest oil field in the world; its heavy crude oil will come into heavier demand as the Middle East’s supplies rapidly deplete. So this is a big, BIG day for Venezuela; its economic sovereignty, along with the Bolivarian project, hinges on it.

About 10 minutes in, three of the new Sukhoi fighter jets arrive for a fly-by. The squadron leader breaks away and gives a small demonstration of the aerobatic ability of the metalbirds that you won’t want to miss, at 12 minutes. This is what BushCo can expect to face if it tries to wage a war for that oil–a well-prepared military with spiffy new planes. (Currently there are eight; there will eventually be 20 Sukhois in all.)

Here’s part II of his speech, half an hour long.

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