Oh, crapola…

…I just sprayed beer all over my monitor.

Through my NOSE.

Fuck, where was THIS on Festive Left Friday? I could have used it.

This was the “Big” march, a bid to rescue RCTV’s public signal from its fast-approaching date with the evil government axeman. As you can see, it’s got a few little gaps in it. (You wouldn’t see any in a pro-Chavez demo; they stretch for miles. Chavecito routinely requires binoculars to see to the back of the crowd during his speeches, and those are the SMALLER ones.)

Now I’m gonna have that Hampsterdance song earworming through my head all night. Along with the sound effects from the Insanity Test (which no one can take without laughing, so I guess we’re all fucking nuts).

Oh well, time to give the video another spin.

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