Rachel Maddow kicks a deserving corpse

Yes, the late unlamented Mr. Falwell was, among other things, a staunch racist. Oh, pardon me, was that a rude thing to say about the dead? Well, then, let’s just call him a segregationist (same shit, but with a spritz of eau de cologne.)

What Rachel doesn’t get into here, although she could have, is Falwell’s association with the very anti-American cult of Sun Myung Moon (who is also about due for his date with the Lords of Karma, if I’m not mistaken). Fortunately, there’s always Robert Parry for that.

And in other corpse-kicking news, get a load of this Gallup poll. Even religious conservatives overwhelmingly favor extending hate-crimes protection to gays. Looks like Falwell’s life mission has failed to capture public opinion. And the announcement comes right before his mortal coil is buried. How fitting!

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