What does it take…

…to turn a “law abiding gun owner” into a plain old gun NUT?

Four magic words: I want a divorce!

Johnny Lee Johnson of rural Coon Rapids was charged Monday with two counts of first degree murder in the shooting deaths Sunday night of Johnson’s wife, Kimberly, and her friend, Gregory Alan White.

Kimberly Johnson and White were shot to death in Kimberly Johnson’s apartment in Bayard, where she had lived while going through divorce proceedings from her husband.


Described as a self-proclaimed gun enthusiast, many who knew Johnson described him as a nice guy willing to help people out, despite his gun-toting reputation. Johnson worked for the local sanitation company and also did maintenance work.

“They’re a nice family,” said Shelly Davis, a nurse from Bayard. “No one ever really had any problems with him. In fact, we had hired him to fix our roof.”

But those who lived in the apartments near Johnson’s estranged wife, such as Ann Madsen, knew him to be, in her words, a “jealous husband” who had a temper.

According to the Guthrie County sheriff’s office, Johnson, of rural Coon Rapids, drove to his wife’s apartment at about 10:25 p.m. Sunday, broke in and shot and killed Kimberly Johnson and White after discovering the two together.

Jealousy and guns…always a marriage made in hell. Especially in light of things like this:

Guthrie County court records show Kimberly Johnson had filed for a dissolution of marriage, which was pending.

“Johnny was a gun collector, which was one of the reasons for the divorce,” said Madsen, adding that she knows Johnson’s mother, Nancy Johnson, also of rural Coon Rapids, who once cared for her ill sister.

White’s mother, Diana Sheer of Bayard, described her son as a “caring person” and said her son and Kimberly Johnson “were very happy and were making plans for their future.”

Sheer said her son and Kimberly Johnson had been seeing each other for several months. She said Kimberly had told her that she had tried to leave her husband about two years ago, and would have been married 18 years.

“She said she had problems with him in the past, but didn’t elaborate, and I didn’t ask,” Sheer said. “She said she thought they could make it work again.”

“It’s disbelief. It’s just disbelief. It was, like, this can’t be happening,” she said. “Your children are not supposed to go before you. If he was so dissatisfied, he didn’t have to take two lives. He’s a troubled man.”

Yep, I should say so. Anyone who says “If I can’t have you, no one will” has, er, issues.

And guns don’t actually improve that situation any. He will now be troubled for the rest of his life with the knowledge that killing her isn’t going to bring her back to him.

The great get-even sale!

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