Who’s the deepest in the hole?

From the CIA World Factbook, some startling news on national account balances in 2006.

Top of the list is China, at $179,100,000,000 (US).

Evil, wicked Venezuela is #11 at $31,820,000,000.

Canada, my home and native land, is #16 at $20,560,000,000.

Even Ecuador and Bolivia are currently ahead, in 50th and 51st place respectively; they are at $727,000,000 and $688,000,000.

Who is dead last?

The United States. At $-862,300,000,000.

Wave that made-in-China Stars ‘n’ Stripes proudly, people–you’ve got the biggest deficit in the world!

Maybe that’s why this film was made, hey?

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