Adam Housley: FOX’s son of a bitch in Venezuela

Now THIS is what I call a smackdown. NYC councilman Charles Barron opens a calm, cool, factual can o’ whup-ass not only on snotty host Neil Cavuto, but on FUX Snooze’s shabby excuse for a foreign correspondent:

Notice how the one-note wonderboy “reporter”, Adam Housley, completely loses his temper and calls Councilman Barron a “son of a bitch” and tells him he’s “full of baloney”. Project much, Adam?

Housley also claims a Chavista mob threatened to beat the shit out of him. While he certainly would have earned it, if his behavior here is any indication, such an action is out of character for Chavistas, who have endured much worse than him, and would only have relished the opportunity to give it to him verbally. That is, as in telling their side of the story to the reportero gringo–you know, the side fair and balanced FUX won’t let you see?

Clearly nothing ugly happened with the Chavistas, though; otherwise FUX would have the verbal abuse and/or violence on video to show us. Do you seriously think they’d miss an opportunity to plaster it all over your screen if they had anything? That makes Housley’s “I wuz almost ruffed up” statement rather suspect.

Also suspect: Housley’s interviewee “Jessica”, no surname, another of those “educated” ones with the unfortunate, ear-grating English. Considering this was her big chance to really lay on the sob story and say exactly how that evil Chavez-commie was depriving her of free speech, before the eyes of the world (or at least, of FUX Snooze), well–she fluffs it. Her father is in prison, she says, but won’t say why. Only for “having a different political opinion”, which is about as vague as one can get (and smells suspiciously of bovine feces). No mention of his name, his affiliations, or the actual charge against him. Hmmm, surely not because he might just be some kind of riot-fomenting terrorist–and your average American, who is wary of terrorists of all stripes, just might not sympathize? How do we even know she’s telling the truth? Maybe he’s off in a bingo hall somewhere getting roaring drunk, but no way is FUX gonna do any digging to verify if he is in fact a prisoner, let alone a political one.

So the FUXers make two unsubstantiated claims there at least. Plus they totally dropped the free-speech ball by not giving “Jessica” an opportunity to explain herself further. No questions. No digging. No verifiable facts. We’re just supposed to take their word for it–which, for some reason, I just can’t find it in my heart to do.

Meanwhile, that Floridian Fauntleroy, Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy the Umpteenth, gets into the fray (and WAY out of his depth) by telling Barron he doesn’t know what he’s talking about (another fine, flubbery projection):

Uh, Corny Smacks? You may want to stop throwing stones. Wouldn’t want one to go astray and hit your glass house, now, would you?

How embarrassing for FUX that one Democrat can beat three far-right bullies and one strangely vague shill–without even breaking a sweat. I guess that’s fair and balanced, all right; Charles Barron is worth at least four rightards.

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