And this is what the alert was all about…

Fux Snooze, so fair and balanced that they only talked to one side: the ANTI-Chavez blackshirts who threw rocks and bottles at the cops…and then proceeded to make out like it was Chavez’s goon squad attacking THEM. The Fuxer on the scene seems all agog that they can speak English. (Their English is deplorable; they pronounce “democracy” as “demo-CRAZY”, which seems like a good description of them, all right.)

Shit, I’ve seen The Onion do a better job of reporting on this whole schmier.

This is that “educated” class I’ve seen so much laudatory prose about in the US media, the same that thinks IT has the natural right to rule Venezuela? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They’re not fit to run a lemonade stand. Even their wonderful, shiny new “nonviolent” protest movement (another lie, BTW–they fired on the police!) is a cheap knockoff of the hippie protests from 40 YEARS AGO.

And they don’t even know how to paint a proper peace symbol on their hands:

Anti-Chavez protesters with Mercedes hood ornaments on their hands

A Mercedes-Benz hood ornament is the best these poor mimes can do.

Hey, Educated Classes, don’t you think it’s time you came up with something fresh? The REAL protest movement always does. But then, we don’t have the State Dept.’s hand up our backs, teaching us how to fake nonviolent action through a bogus “peace” institute

And about that Maria Conchita Who?, it is better not to speak. She is hardly qualified to open her collagen-stuffed mouth about anything, let alone politics. The last big role SHE played was a minor one in a movie that would have been forgotten altogether had it not starred Robin Williams. Listen, I believe in affirmative action for the mentally disabled, but I draw the line at end-stage rabies. (And that goes for your guarimbista brother too, Conchita!)

On a more serious note, I notice Fux (along with RSF and all those other media shills claiming to represent journalists) is altogether silent about a REAL dictator who is really shutting down TV stations for opposing him…in Pakistan. But then again, Dubya loves him and there is no oil under his dirt, so that’s okay! Carry on, Pervez–good doggie!

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