Angus Reid believes the hype

Shame on them.

Don’t they know that Hinterlaces is NOT a reliable pollster? This is not the first time they got an awful lot wrong. I wonder if their tabulation formula is a simple matter of inverting the real numbers; it seems that if you want to know the real picture, you have to turn theirs upside down.

Someone please send Angus Reid this story, in which a certain professional fibber is forced to tell the truth, way down at the bottom:

A survey of 1,500 people in seven Venezuelan cities, by the polling firm Hinterlaces, found that 53% of respondents supported Chavez and 38% were opposed to him.

Meanwhile, only 10% of those surveyed said they backed the opposition movement … which was rejected by 83%.

“There is a new political panorama in the country," Hinterlaces director Oscar Schemel remarked to IPS. “The people see the opposition as a class of politicians stuck in the past, who want to maintain their privileges and who are neither working for the interests of the people nor coming up with a viable alternative to Chavez’ programme."

Regardless of what any polling firm with known opposition ties may say, the truth is this: The opposition lacks fresh ideas. It is in a self-made death spiral, and Chavez is still NOT regarded as a dictator, no matter how badly some soap opera junkies crave their eMpTV. Angus Reid needs a hard reality check about lies and damned lies.

And speaking of damned, you may want to inform them of the lies of Penn, Schoen and Berland, too.

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