Festive Left Friday Blogging: Another grand opening for Chavecito

This time, it’s the new viaduct for the highway between Caracas and La Guaira:

The old one broke down a while back, after years of sagging and buckling (known to previous presidents and obvious to anyone with eyes, but unaddressed.) Chavecito ordered civil engineers to save it, but unfortunately it was too late for the viaduct; it collapsed in spite of their efforts. Luckily, it had already been closed for repairs and the traffic re-routed through the valley, so no one was on it when it fell. Still, the opposition seized on the collapse as “evidence” of ineptitude in Chavez’s administration, ignoring the fact that the problem pre-dated him and was therefore actually due to inept previous presidents.

With this big infrastructure project completed, that’s one more thing off the escualidos’ list of “what can we use against him?”–and one more reason for them to grit their teeth and go loco.

Let’s just hope they don’t erupt in road rage while driving on the new viaduct!

PS: Well, that didn’t take long–Globovision is already spinning the lie that this bridge is the only infrastructure project of the Bolivarian government. Amazingly, they forgot several. I call bullshit!

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