Americans’ real duty to the people of Iraq

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, a Jewish/Iraqi American, lays it out clear as can be:

“Our soldiers don’t sacrifice for duty, honor, country–they sacrifice for Kellogg, Brown & Root.”

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2 Responses to Americans’ real duty to the people of Iraq

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Wow, this woman is incedible.
    Very attractive (dare I say ‘guapa’) and with a sharp, engaged intelligence and authentic sense of ethics.
    It is no wonder that the capitalist media totally ignores this person’s voice.
    I liked her comments about Fallujah, and the mercenaries.

  2. Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan says:

    What is described in this video is exactly the very thing, His Holiness Pope John Paul II and the Catholic bishops of Iraq attempted to prevent when they pleaded with President George W. Bush, on nine (9) separate occasions PRIOR to Bush’s illegal and unjust invasion and occupation of Iraq.
    That is why faithful Roman Catholics, true Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Family American patriots condemn the brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Those responsible for this invasion and occupation are War Criminals that need to be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to long prison terms just like the Nazis sentenced at the Nuremberg Trials.
    For the families of Iraq, “Operation Enduring Freedom” is truly “Operation Dead Children.” Patriotic Americans must not remain silent in the face of this massive crime against America and Iraq.

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