Dominionist bigotry at its ugliest

Yep, you know you’ve got religious freedom when the fundies feel free to disrupt the first-ever Hindu prayer opening a session of the US Senate.

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One Response to Dominionist bigotry at its ugliest

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Christ what creepy fuckers.
    Jesus, save us from your followers!
    Seriously, if a person with the sentiments of Jesus were to become notable on the world stage, these rightwing “Christians” would call for his ‘commie’ head.
    i browse some of these peoples’ blogs–really creepy shit. Very judgemental, ignorant, closed-minded and fearful. Not one iota of critical thinking–just repeating the memes promoted by the oligarchs and their rightwing sychophants.
    War-mongering hoes and pimps.

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