Fine young chickenhawks

Max Blumenthal infiltrates the College Republicans…

…none of whom will go fight “Them” over there so you won’t have to fight “Them” here.

Aside from a surprising number of individuals with health problems (of an invisible nature, no doubt, since they all look fine to me–except for the several chubbies who would slim down fast in the event of a real war), there’s the fact that there’s a culture war going on here, and SOMEBODY’s gotta fight it.

The fact that all this is at odds with BushCo’s “fight Them over there so we won’t have to fight Them over here” doctrine of pre-emptive war, somehow magically never occurs to these brain-trusters.

But hey, they’re, like, very, like, patriotic, and, like, you know.

Oh, and they’re definitely NOT gay. Isn’t that just so, like, comforting?

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One Response to Fine young chickenhawks

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Wow, this is really powerful. The hypocrisy and lameness is on full display.
    Max is quite funny–and this type of humor will encourage dissidence toward these fakes.
    The ‘everyone’s had inclinations–but not gay. I prayed about it’ too fucking funny. Send a clip that that segment to his parents! 😆
    Indeed: “Draft College Republicans!”

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