Rudy Giuliani’s urban legend

New York firefighters (and bereaved relatives of dead firefighters) shatter the myth of the then mayor’s “heroism” on 9-11:

The terrible truth is, Giuliani did not even meet the minimum standards of acceptable conduct. The non-functioning radios that cost over 300 brave souls from the FDNY their lives are just the tip of the iceberg. The disposal of their bodies in the Fresh Kills “landfill” (that’s a garbage dump in plain English!) and the strange business with the Scotiabank gold (worth more than firefighters, dead or alive?) is certainly damning.

Any Repug who thinks he can run on his 9-11 record can now think again. The party that made 9-11 the disaster it was, from start to finish, should frankly be buried in Fresh Kills along with all those firefighters.

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One Response to Rudy Giuliani’s urban legend

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    The myth of Rudy’s exceptional behavior merely points up the low standards that the US public has toward politicos and governance.
    They have convinced themselves that nothing short of a corporate plutocracy is possible.
    By ‘they’ I am refering to the elites and the pundit class, the rightwing radio talk show hosts and the weak liberal Democrats that mark the outlines of acceptable discussion and debate.
    The sad fact is that Democrats that would be accpetable to the corporate plutocrats would not act in ways that are significantly different than Rudy.
    We are a country owned and operated by the corporate elites. They have two political wings that generate debates over relatively trivial issues–while they concur on the central issues of import to the plutocrats.

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