Chavecito in Uruguay

It was a working visit, but all the same, he took the time to chat with all the ordinary folks in Montevideo who just showed up to let him know how much they admire him and love what he’s doing. In fact, he put them ahead of the journalists and the people with whom the meeting he attended here was scheduled! How’s that for class?

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One Response to Chavecito in Uruguay

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    There is no doubt–Chavez has made a mark as one of the greatest political figures in the last century. More, even if the pig-fuckers kill him, the power of his anti-imperialism and embryonic socialism will have reverberations for decades to come.
    The way he is with average people really points up his proletarian, working class roots. There is a level of authenticity about the guy that is simply sublime.
    Of course the parasitical classes, the cynics, and the opprotunists cannot stand him–as they suffer from Machiavellian delusions.
    Viva Chavez!

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