Stupid Sex Tricks: I love my bike

…but not THIS much:

(BTW, the lady in the car is saying “Next time, we’ll take our bikes!” in German.)

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2 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: I love my bike

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Despite the sleek appearance of pop-cultural hipness that is the style in the US corporate media, this commerical would never pass the censors here in the US.
    I am talking about the ‘self censors–the little Eichmans in the PR industry.

  2. Bina says:

    No shit!
    I think the offensive detail here is not the “orgasm”–porn is full of them and no one yanks IT off TV–but the fact that this piece promotes bicycling. Germany has lots of bike paths and pedestrian-only zones; it also has decent public transit infrastructure and affordable, fast trains. The Autobahn, on the other hand, is a big source of frustration, especially during vacation season, when traffic jams all the way down to the Mediterranean are the #1 annoyance of travellers. Lots of Germans are now doing endogenous tourism or vacationing on the Baltic Sea instead, because they’re sick of that shit! Only naive North Americans think a freeway with no speed limits posted is some kind of drivers’ paradise, and here’s why:
    The Big Three automakers have pegged themselves as THE arbiters of economic health and well-being–and anything that counters their endless “buy a car or be scum” ads is cause for alarm, not to mention a whole lotta lobbying on Parliament Hill.
    Besides, when’s the last time you saw bikes advertised on national TV? At most, you might see the odd dinky little mom ‘n’ pop sporting-goods store on a local channel.
    And people wonder why North America has an obesity epidemic?

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