Stupid Sex Tricks: We are not amused

Some people just pop a Viagra. Some pop a…well, a popper. This guy decided to pop the weasel in a less than appropriate location.

A couple having sex on a "Super Spiral" ride at York’s Wild Kingdom "horrified" a mother with young children who witnessed the act at "Maine’s largest zoo and amusement park," say police.

As a result, Adrian Levy, 26 — a native of Jamaica and amusement park employee — is charged with one count of indecent conduct, said York Police Sgt. Tom Baran.

Wild Kingdom general manager Amy Wheeler said Levy, a ride operator, was simply "dirty dancing with a girl" and was not charged by police on amusement park grounds. He was however, fired immediately and sent home, she said.

Police were called to the Route 1 amusement park the evening of August 24 and after interviewing witnesses, charged Levy, who is in the country on a work visa, with the class E misdemeanor. Baran said the park was open for business when the alleged crime occurred and officers charged only Levy because "he’s an employee, she’s not."

Both are adults and the act was consensual, said Baran.

"The complainant had young children who observed the incident," said the police sergeant. "It is a serious incident, it’s very inappropriate and it’s against the law."

I love how they mention that he’s Jamaican. As if that had anything to do with the price of tea in China!

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2 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: We are not amused

  1. Wren says:

    Children probably see animals having sex all the time at that zoo, but seeing two humans do it is a crime? Go figure. I have yet to see any proof that a child witnessing a sex act like this does any real damage. Not that I’m advocating public fornication or anything. I just don’t see this as a “serious incident.”
    And yeah, got to love the immigrant tie-in. Damn dirty immigrants! lol

  2. Slave Revolt says:

    Jeez, what’s the big deal–they call the place ‘Wild Kingdom’. Humans are, after all, sexual beings.
    Consider this an anthropological ride. LOL

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