The Big Dick’s big flip-flop

Gee. What a difference less than 10 years makes. Dick Cheney went from counselling against invading Iraq in 1994, to pushing for it as soon as BushCo was in the White House. Maybe even before then…

What do you suppose changed his mind?

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One Response to The Big Dick’s big flip-flop

  1. Wren says:

    It is more likely that his tenure as Halliburton’s CEO in 1995 and its massive increase in government contracts that only increased with conflicts around the world that changed his mind. Didn’t he have Iraq’s oil fields already mapped out long before 9/11? He still gets a retainer from Halliburton to this day and how much profit has Halliburton made in Iraq? When Cheney started making tons of cash with war it should be no surprise he started advocating more war.

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