Who owns you?

George Carlin knows.

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4 Responses to Who owns you?

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    “it’s called the ‘American Dream’—because you have to be asleep to believe it”
    Wow, Bina. I never knew that Carlin was that critical in his stand-up act. Seeing this I want to rent some his DVD’s from past shows.
    No wonder he was never given his own program on television.
    Certainly beats Bill Mahr or (gag) Denis Miller anyday.
    His critique is powerful–because it reflects the truth that encompasses the vast majority of US people.
    I loved the photo of the sheep in front of the big-screen television! Too fucking funny!
    When will the people organize and take some of the power back?
    The answer is that we can do this in limited, creative ways–through the back door of the sausage factory.

  2. Bina says:

    Yeah, that sheep is one of my favorite “found on the Web” shots. A guy who posted at Mike Malloy’s board under the nick of Bush_is_a_Sociopath used a scaled-down version of it for his avatar for a while.
    Notice, too, that the channel is tuned to FUX Snooze?
    Which reminds me–I saw on the news yesterday that more people under 30 are getting their news from the Internet rather than TV anymore. This could be big good news for progressive sites; prog-blogs are THE top political news aggregators. And since discussion is generally encouraged there, thinking-for-oneself tends to happen a lot sooner than it does when one is passively parked in front of the toob.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, you are so right about the potential and the certain future ramifications the internet as a mode of info becomeing more popular.
    I don’t DO tv–save for catching a bit at friends homes. While there are many interesting programs, the logic of being funded by corporate advertisers will keep the discourse to the center-right, or even outright right.
    Captial has the advantage, of course. But with the talent and critique that is on the left, I am suprised that we haven’t done better here in the US. The potential is there. The more people that get out from under the tube, and become tuned into the internet, the better for democracy–or, rather, the ‘potential’ for a more democratically structured reality.
    Amy Goodman’s program “Democracy Now!” is really the best media that the Left have in the US, and the program is really outstanding. It has grown in popularity in a big way–and you know that the establishment ass-kissers at NPR really hate the program. The crew at Democracy Now! are onto subjects of political, ecological, and global importance well before the rest of the media.

  4. Bina says:

    I love Democracy Now! Until my iTunes program got “upgraded” and ate it, I was a regular downloader of their podcast. Sigh…
    NPR is damn near worthless; their idea of fair-and-balanced is two conservatives to every liberal on the program. I guess that means cons are only half as bright as progs. (Actually, I’m firmly convinced that cons are much less intelligent than that. They would have to be to believe even half the shit they do.)

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