What? No Chavecito?

Aw, shit.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who last year called U.S. President George Bush the devil in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, has decided not to attend this year’s meeting.

Chavez will send Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro in his place, according to a statement on the Venezuelan government’s Web site. Chavez said he is canceling his UN appearance, originally scheduled for tomorrow, because of complications with his schedule.

Actually, that scheduling complication has a name: M-A-H-M-O-U-D A-H-M-A-D-I-N-E-J-A-D. He’s slated to arrive in Venezuela tomorrow–er, later today, actually.

I bet the freepers are already cranking up the crapaganda machine about this. Probably claiming that these two are little Hitlers looking to take over the world, or some such rot. Never mind that Ahmadinejad is, notwithstanding all grandstanding, nothing but a figurehead (the mullahs still being the real power behind the throne in Iran), and Chavecito is about as un-Hitlerian as it gets.

It’s getting harder and harder to try to play the fascist card on Chavecito when he’s up to stuff like this or this, but I don’t expect Freeperville to even pay attention to it, other than to try to blather it away–it just doesn’t fit their agreed-on stereotype of an incipient dictator. And of course, anything that doesn’t fit their cookie-cutter universe, gets twisted or discarded altogether.

Meanwhile, though, at least Daniel Ortega is putting on a good show of courage in Chavecito’s stead. God love him. He’s not isolated anymore the way he was in the 1980s when Ray-gun and Bush the Elder and the CIA went after his ass. It’s great to see him regaining confidence. (Video here–scroll down.)

And Evo’s also showing lots of pluck and solidarity, not to mention a wicked sense of fun. Looks like he wowed Jon Stewart. Gotta love that!

I wonder…are cojones contagious? Because Chavecito’s got a major case of them, and it’s spreading all over Latin America, at least on the left.

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