It’s National Character Counts Week!

Yes, it is!

Do you know what your wealthy right-wing media robber barons are doing this week? Well, one of them is getting divorced from Trophy Wife #2. It is delectably messy, and there’s too much juicy stuff to excerpt here, so I’ll just give you the linky to clicky. And remember, character counts!

Meanwhile, speaking of character, you may also want to check out what Jonathan Schwartz of Tom Tomorrow has found on the company King George the Dubya keeps. Not for nothing is Hosni Mubarak’s crypto-dictatorship in Egypt credited (or blamed) for the rise of the terrorist wing of Islamism. When a country’s leadership has no problem ordering the drugging, sodomy and execution of 13-year-olds, a backlash is just bound to arise. Character counts!

You might also enjoy Joan Walsh’s laundry list, on, of GOP flip-floppers. Once again, character counts!

Also on Salon: Gary Kamiya’s devastating dissection of the real character of Dubya, by way of examining what he’s done in the name of “moral clarity”–surely THAT has something to do with character, does it not? Remember, by their fruits shall ye know them–and character counts!

Finally, you know all you need to about the character of these people when they gang up to attack 12-year-olds. Character really counts there.

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