Oh look! The vandals have changed their name.

The brownshirts who violated Che’s monument in Merida are now the “Paramo Patriotic Front”, according to the Kansas City Star!

Unfortunately, renaming an asshole doesn’t mean it stops shitting. Nor does being unable to determine its true name, come to that:

Police said they had yet to identify those responsible. The Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional published a copy of what it said was a flier found by the monument signed by the previously unknown “Paramo Patriotic Front.”

“We don’t want any monument to Che, he isn’t an example for our children,” the flier read. It called Guevara a “cold-blooded killer” and said the government should raise a monument in Chavez’s hometown of Sabaneta, in the nearby lowland plains, if it wants to commemorate the Argentine-born revolutionary.

The local mayor, Jesus Maria Espinoza, suggested the vandals came from elsewhere.

I suspect His Honor the Mayor is right. They’re probably from some well-to-do part of Caracas, regardless of the “local” name they claim.

The hilarious irony of this is that these noble haters of “cold-blooded killers” used bullets to do their “patriotic” deed. Yup, there’s nothing like repudiating a so-called killer by shooting his glassed-in picture. Really makes you so much better than him–as does that snotty “suggestion”!

(PS to Chavecito: Next time, make sure you use bulletproof glass, mmmmmmmkay?)

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