Okay, I need a cute nickname for Rafael Correa.

Because this guy just majorly endeared himself to me with the following novel approach to an urghly problem:

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, today invited the young Spaniard, Sergi Xavier M. M., who assaulted a young Ecuadorian girl on a train in Barcelona, to visit Ecuador and receive help to overcome his problem.

“We invite him to come to Ecuador so we can show him what it is to love, what it is to be in solidarity, and we are ready to help him overcome his troubles,” said Correa in his regular Saturday radio show.

The president insisted that the violent attitude of the youth against the immigrant “absolutely does not represent the Spanish people.”

“They are extraordinary. They opened their arms to us. In most cases, our emigrants are very well treated” in Spain, said President Correa. He added that when it came to Sergi, “we should not feel rage, we should feel sorry.”

Translation mine. Link added.

Any suggestions for an endearing nickname?

BTW, if you need inspiration, look at this picture…

Rafael Correa--yummy president

Then this one:

Christopher Reeve as Superman

You have to admit there’s quite a resemblance. Except that El Superpresidente Correa has groovier shirts.

PS: I just gave him his own category, since it seems that he has become someone well worth watching, in more ways than one. It’s still relatively small, but it is Ecuadorable As Can Be.

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4 Responses to Okay, I need a cute nickname for Rafael Correa.

  1. IFi says:

    Ecuadorable, indeed. Thumbs up for the new category! =D
    First it was Pasion por la patria, with a video featuring a boa.
    Then he implies he’s got a belt and is not afraid to use it.
    Then he gets his own flickr accounts and stuffs them with pics, including sweaty ones shot during/after cycling.
    I’m just wondering… is he inviting EVERYONE to Ecuador to teach’em love or should I start looking for ecuadorians to assault to get an invitation of my own?
    PS: I can’t think of a nickname, as my mind is not really working at the moment, but “Pasion por la patria” is definitely the best-fitting slogan ever.
    Dale Correa!

  2. Bina says:

    Whoa! What finds! Thank you so much! I’ll have to make up a list of nicknames for El Superpresidente, at this rate…
    BTW, our amigo at BoRev.net is calling him “Hunky McHotsalot”. I think someone is crushin’ on this guy, and way more than me. I’m surprised he hasn’t cottoned onto this yet. Maybe I should send him the link to this. LOL!

  3. IFi says:

    Haha it’s strange indeed! I believe right now BoRev’s either drinking to overcome the shock or trying to write an entry that will live up to our expectations… the standards are definitely high.
    (or is already out, trying to beat me to the hunt for ecuadorians.)

  4. Bina says:

    Wowzers…yes, that is definitely a hard shot to follow. After seeing that, I need a mojito.
    Or a Chavecito.
    Or an Evito.
    Or maybe just a mojito. Ain’t no ‘jito like a mojito…

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