Quotable: Jon Stewart on speculation

“Speculation: News you can use–eventually.”

–Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, October 3, 2007

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2 Responses to Quotable: Jon Stewart on speculation

  1. Hey, my apologies for not being properly interested in Jon Stewart, yes, he is very funny, or Cuban doctors, yes, I think some of them do great work.
    I did fall out though over your Naomi Klein comment at the NAU “thought kitchen.” My friend Daniel Venne sent me the link and I was moved by your intelligence and insight. Generally speaking, I am so self-involved and egotistical that I am rarely moved by the intelligence of Others. So thank you for breaking me out of my coma.
    I agree that none of the readers before you even came close to the meaning of the Naomi Klein video.
    I liked your take on the video and I thank you for your post.
    I thought Klein was saying that sharing ourselves and our knowledge could lessen our shock and trauma. Like keeping your posse with you at all times, even in the bowels of hell.
    Peace hope and love to you, RicHARD Makepeace

  2. Bina says:

    Hey, Richard, thanks for stopping by!
    You’re right about the sharing of knowledge; it CAN help immunize us against the dangers of being shocked into stupid actions such as giving up our rights and civil liberties for suspect causes (and any cause that demands we give those things up, IS suspect.)
    And yes, solidarity is very important–any individual alone can lose his or her head so easily as long as s/he feels alone and helpless. Which is what makes the Internets so subversive–they are a way to find other heads that might just be clearer, and able to help us keep ours rather than losing it when the crunch comes.

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