Quotable: Tori Amos on archetypes

“What do I say to people who don’t know how to interpret my songs? You don’t read the Bible literally. I thought parables were very clear, yet a lot of people have problems with them when they pop up today. I can’t tell people that maybe they need to read some books, brush up on their archetypes. They could probably go on a website and figure it out. But literalizing is very much part of the patriarchy. If you want something made concrete, I’ll give you some shoes and pour some cement in them and we’ll drop you off in the river.”

–Tori Amos, from the introduction to Tori Amos Piece by Piece: A Portrait of the Artist: Her Thoughts. Her Conversations.

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One Response to Quotable: Tori Amos on archetypes

  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    Thanks for that great quote.
    Every time I learn something about Tori Amos, I admire her more and more.

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