Yo, troll…

I know you’re reading this, because you left your shit on my blog:

An unapproved comment has been posted on your blog News of the Restless, for entry #925 (No funding for fundie schools in Ontario!). You need to approve this comment before it will appear on your site.

IP Address:

Name: Sabina Becker

Email Address: binabecker@yahoo.com



Comedy at its best. I think this babe is brain dead. Actually, she is.

Just so you know, I’ve got your IP. I’m in the process of tracking you down. I’ve also asked Yahoo to investigate you.

I posted a fair warning, and I don’t take kindly to spoofers, spammers or trolls. Or, for that matter, IDENTITY THIEVES.

If you think you’re gonna get away with this, you can stuff that thought back up your right-wing nutjob ass.

Have a nice day, lawbreaker.

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