You may have noticed…

…the little “Buzz It” button at the bottom of each post now. This button will take you to to tell them about my site.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Control-click the “Permalink” in orange, which you’ll see right between the time stamp and comments link at the bottom of each entry.

2. Select “copy URL” (or whatever your menu says).

3. Click on the “Buzz It” button and paste the permalink URL in the box they provide.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the URL, even though it does appear by default on their site; that’s the main directory for this blog, and will only link to the front page. My front page varies from day to day and may confuse readers who came looking for only one story. Erase that link, and paste in the permalink instead. Always use the permalink to buzz a specific entry!

If you’re not already a Buzzflash member, sign up first at their site; it’s free. (Use your real address, or you won’t be able to verify your account!) Once you’re a BuzzFlasher with a verified account, come back here; grab the permalink from the post you want to buzz, then go to the Buzz It page and paste the permalink from my site into the URL box they provide.

Please follow their instructions to the letter and make sure you’re not duplicating any of the other “buzzed” stories! It will save me a heartache and you a headache.

Now, let’s get this site buzzing and fight ignorance together.

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